Must Eat French Dishes After A Pingpong Game

Having a complete ping pong set is truly a blessing from the sports industry. A sport
consisting of a lightweight ball, 2 rackets, 2/4 players and the table. It is
truly a sport of precision and skill. Just like any sport, you need stamina and
the ability to breath and maintain well throughout the rounds. Good thing, finding ping pong equipment is now made easy by the internet. Organizing a ping pong game can now be done by anyone as long as they have enough space for a complete ping pong table set with equipment and players of course.

Since a ping pong game will make you tired after your session, what better way to
recover than eating some of the most recommended french dishes after playing
sports for hours? After a ping pong game, you must eat!

Thankfully, most French dishes are filled with protein and micro-nutrients that will fill your body with all you need when you’re tired.

Try Boeuf Bourguignon, this is a staple of France. Beef stew made with red or white wine, filled with mushrooms and onions. The beef stew is cooked to such perfect temperatures and precision that makes that fine texture. Most people who try this says that the beef melts in their mouth and makes a great savory taste. Onions and mushrooms compliment it so much with that vegetarian aspect as well. If you’d like, you can add bacon on the side along with extra components.

If you happen to be in on of the best buffets in France, try this. Quiche Lorraine. Hash brown crust taken to new levels, with a unique taste, as described. This can be made at home, and it will taste great. However, if you want the full experience of eating foods such as this, then go to a buffet in France.

Croque Monsieur. Best described as the world’s finest sandwich. Main components to this masterpiece are grilled ham and parmesan cheese. Parmesan cheese comes strictly from Italy and provides the sandwich with all the taste it needs. When I first tried this, it really blew my mind with how simple, yet tasty a sandwich can be.

Croissants, everyone knows what that is right? It turns out that there
are so many types of croissants that you should try more than one. Each has
their distinctive taste and attributes, some with cheese inside. Other with
chocolate or vegetables, it really depends where you get your croissants from.

French lentils with Dijon Vinaigrette, what a name! This dish can be made from your kitchen, but it will be quite a task. Whether it is worth it or not, I couldn’t tell ya. However, it is described to be flavor burst. By that, I mean it is one of those dishes that can confuse your taste buds so much to the point where you like it. When it is described to be a hard dish to make, there are many different ingredients that are both quantified and hard to get. If you manage to gather everything, then it is very easy to make.

Now you’re looking for desserts, after your amazing, filling meals. As a person who has gone to France, there is no better dessert than Profiteroles. This is such a unique dessert because it is so small, yet so detailed. A tiny special choux pastry filled with ice cream and nuts dipped with chocolate sauce on top of the pastry. The taste is so amazing that I literally couldn’t have enough. Well, until it was reaching the top of my throat. If you can’t get on your hands on this particular snack, then go with caneles. Easy to make at home, you just need a canele pan.

French dishes are too special to miss out on in your life. Especially after a long and
tiring ping pong game.

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