Kitchen Interior Decor: 6 Tips to Give Your Kitchen a Modern Touch

A modern kitchen, unlike its traditional counterpart, isn’t confined. Its outlines can run from the lounge to dining areas in open plan kitchen designs.

Today, the kitchen has become versatile. It’s where you can make the most of your life ranging from preparing and eating your favorite meals to entertaining guests.

Modern kitchens are stylish and functional.

Whether you’re building a new kitchen from scratch or remodeling your existing kitchen, you can get the kitchen of your dreams.

Adding a few touches or making changes to your cabinetry, backsplashes, palettes or cladding ledges can give your cooking space a modern touch.

Choose a kitchen layout plan that’s bound to utilize the available space optimally. An important consideration is the working triangle; it renders your kitchen effective and efficient.

The hob, sink and refrigerator make up the triangle. Make sure your kitchen layout allows you to easily access the three when preparing your meals. The distance from any of the two elements should range from 1.2 to 2.7 meters.

The best modern kitchen is social, flexible and open to visually link to your living room for cohesiveness. It’s also easy to adapt your kitchen storage for the living room.

However, areas such as the sink should be hidden from the living area.

6 Ways You Can Give Your Kitchen a Modern Look and Feel

Research and planning are important aspects of building or remodeling your kitchen.

To create a space that complements your personal style and lifestyle, make the right choices from choosing the kitchen layout to the finish on your door and cabinets.

According to experts at the Ideal Home Show that hosts Good Homes roomsets, the following include some of the hottest and latest trends in designs and styles.

Get inspired to decorate your kitchen space accordingly:

  1. Add silky smooth surfaces or a mix of textures

Whether you prefer silky smooth surfaces or a mix of textures, you can give your kitchen a modern touch.

Consider the Sutton range for a beautiful silk finish. What’s more, you’ll choose one in your color of choice.

Different finishes and textures can also accentuate your kitchen for a modern touch.

2. Add bold colors for a vibrant look

Modern kitchens are typical of black and white colors. Neutrals give your kitchen a calm look and feel.

However, if you want some vibrant look in your kitchen, add monochromatic colors for the same calming effect of neutrals.

For instance, royal blue, emerald green, saffron yellow or dusty pink can create monochromatic color schemes with calming effects. You’re allowed to play around with different colors of your liking.

You can add bold colors for a vibrant look in your kitchen.

Pastels give a feminine look while jewel tones empower kitchen spaces. If you prefer to give your kitchen a serious look, combine sensational lighting with darker neutrals.

3. Install modern storage

The best form of modern storage is open shelving.

You’ll want open storage in your kitchen to show off your valuable collectibles.

Doorless cabinets and open shelves display your favorites. They may include:

  • Glassware
  • Ceramics
  • Accessories

The items on display give your kitchen a softer, personalized appearance for modern living.

When working on your wood projects, you’ll need the best benchtop floor drill press to create holes for installing your wood pieces onto your kitchen wall.

However, you can only use this tool in large kitchens because it needs a decent sized space to work. The tool adjusts into different positions when in use, hence the need for more workspace in your kitchen.

4. Add a mix of materials, colors and styles

Different materials, colors and styles give kitchens authentic looks.

Opt for base and wall units in contrasting color shades and add interest with different worktop materials and drawer pulls and handles. Add vintage furniture and accessories to create a centerpiece in your modern kitchen.

Vibrant colors accentuate kitchens to reflect your personality.

Add touches of country styles in your kitchen for a warm, inviting feel. Finish the look with a traditional stove, chalk-painted wood, a rustic freestanding furniture, shaker units or a large wood kitchen table.

Attractive accessories and open shelving also give your modern kitchen a warm touch of country charm.

Concrete surfaces, brickwork, rough wood grains, metallic finishes add natural tones in your kitchen to celebrate Mother Nature. Warm timber flooring or pale worktop finishes can offset dark colors in your modern kitchen.

Add a reclaimed dining table and salvaged lighting for simple yet attractive kitchen interior space.

5. Choose an impressive modern kitchen design

Different kitchen designs fit varied spaces. Choose from out-of-date wirework pull-out systems and MagnaSpace designs.

The former is brilliant, stylish and has an impressive weight capacity. This ensures you store all your food items in a single place. Choose a design finish that complements the rest of your home décor.

A modern kitchen features clean, sleek lines for minimalist look.

Your choice of design can make your kitchen stand out. Install open shelves over your Kitchen Island or tall units for distinctive appearance. A letterbox open shelving add a complex and dramatic look to your modern kitchen.

6. Add interest with tiles

Tiles can add interest to your kitchen and complement its appearance.

Consider adding raw-edged hexagonal floor tiles for seamless blending into engineered wood. Complement the kitchen flooring with a scattered mosaic tiles on your backsplash behind your kitchen sink.

The combination of wood and tiles gives your kitchen a solid and strong structure.


Choose solid, strong, engaging, and warm tiles for a contrasting look.

Solid kitchen surfaces, including countertops in open kitchens, make your space useful for recounting memories, eating, hosting parties or gatherings, or playing.

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