Garment Streamer for Chef’s Uniform

Working in kitchen has become much more different than it has been several years ago when Escoffier paved the Chef’s way all around the world.

With sophisticated equipment, air-conditioned kitchens, and technology that allows the meals to look just the way as the customers want them to look. There is one thing that has never changed, and that is the uniform which has been worn always from high-end kitchens to small diners. It’s like a symbol of the industry. It contains many parts, and just like in every other industry, it has gotten even better as time goes, but still designed from the same parts with the same function, and that is to keep the chef’s safe in their kitchens.

Because the kitchen is always busy, I bet you will spill food on a daily basis. Traditional chef uniform is double-breasted, and down the front, there are two rows of buttons. This was designed for one purpose, and that is when you spill food on yourself, you just unbutton the uniform, switch the layer with the layer which is fresh and clean instead of leavening the kitchen and find another one The thick material will always make sure that the layer under the standard layer is always stained free, so nobody will ever know if you have gravy stains or marinara on your uniform.

This uniform will protect you against burn injuries by providing a so-called barrier between the skin and whatever you are using that could burn your skin. But, to have a clean uniform I will definitely suggest you get a garment steamer also called “clothes steamer”. Using the garment steamer will save you money, nerves and the best thing is that it will save you your precious time I will tell you perhaps the most important reasons to use and take advantage with garment steamer on your Chef’s uniform:

1. The steamer is designed for easy removal with the huge range of solutions. It’s perfect for clothes that can be really hard to be ironed.
2. It is covering much more area with only one stroke with his steam plate
3. You can set the steam level for the results you want to get and on different kind of materials, and also you can adjust the pole on several height settings.
4. With generating powerful pressure you can remove dirty spots with only a few strokes.
5. The best thing is that it gives you the option to choose how you want to steam your clothes with a special garment hanger that provides comfortable and stable support.

It is so much better than iron and I will tell you why:
1. Speed — You can create creases just like iron but for a very short time
2. Skill — Some people will never master using the iron. St earners are very simple for users.
3. More versatile — They are so much more versatile than the iron. Iron can burn your clothes with the metal plate, and that cannot happen with the steamer.
4. Gentler — I believe so much people have placed the iron on their clothes and happened to burn it, and ruined the clothes forever.

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