Best cooked Meal for Table tennis Player

Why in God’s name Ping pong table tennis players needs to follow a strict diet accurately.
The diet for Table Tennis player: There is a saying that states, “You are what you eat.” These wordings are apt in every walk of life not only in Table Tennis. To be fit and beautiful, and be a healthy player of tennis the right food and exercise is a must. The tennis player has to remain physically fit for an extended period. Good nutrition habit increases the concentration level, which is a must in the game.
Few foods to be included in the diet comprises
Energy providing foods
This category of food provides potato, brown rice, and whole grain cereals
Foods building lean muscle
Meals included in this section are nuts, eggs, lentils, and fish.
Food boosting the brains
Grapes and berries are diet rich in antioxidants.
Hydrating foods
Lots of water and fruit juices.

Regular diet routine
• Breakfast: A bowl of muesli (unsweetened) with 250 ml of skimmed milk. Whole grain bread, two slices plus olive oil spread and peanut butter, teamed with 250 ml of fresh juice and tea or coffee.
• In between training hours, hydrate with plenty of water or isotonic hydrants.
• Immediately after training: 25 gm. whey protein plus 25 gm. of dextrose in water
• After 45 minutes: Oat cakes about 3 to 4 combined with cheese. Nuts, seeds and dried fruits each 100g. About ten strawberries
• Evening: Fillet steak or chicken or fish plus herbs. Boiled or roasted sweet potatoes, plus rice or wheat pasta. Fresh vegetables. Low-fat yogurt.
• One hour before sleep: 100 g of Cottage Cheese plus low-fat yogurt and a handful of nuts.
List of other cooked food options for Tennis players include
Chilly Sweet Potato: A spicy dish. It can be garnished with Avocado if needed;
Carne Asada Tacos: The recipe is easy to cook and very delicious.
Kale Chips: The food is healthy, crunchy and nutritive. It can be consumed as a healthy snack in the place of unhealthy potato chips.
Spaghetti Pomodoro: Easy to cook pasta recipe with a flavor of tomato and garlic.
Broccoli and Chicken Pasta: Made of milk, cream cheese, and Parmesan cheese, chicken, and broccoli.

Spinach Frittata: Great breakfast for a tennis player. The breakfast is rich in Zinc. Zinc should be an essential ingredient to be included in the food for tennis players.
The tennis players need a large number of carbohydrates to be included in their diet. Carbohydrates diet should be included both before and after the match. During the game, the body of the tennis player burns out a large amount of glycogen. There should be enough glycogen to replace the muscle glycogen they lost during the match. A large amount of carbohydrate-rich diet must be included in the diet plan of tennis players. The food should be low in fat and must have a moderate amount of protein. The list of food which comes under the category includes fresh fruits, energy bars, bread, pasta, and the granola bars. High protein diet can make the person dehydrated. It is always essential to maintain strict diet plans for the tennis players. The menu should include high fiber and must consist of the rich proportion of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. The energy gels are the best options for nutrition during the match. Energy gels are semifluid sugars which provide the necessary electrolytes, and easily digestible carbohydrates in the form of maltodextrin. Malto-dextrin is a good source for the fuel and starch.

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